Cabinet Distressing

Give your cabinets an antique, timeworn look with Showplace distressing. The aged appearance adds class to any kitchen—and it’s a look that never gets old. The distressing process creates soft corners and profiles and subtle, randomly-placed dents.

Distressing Techniques

We specializes in various distressing techniques. Take your choice of oversanding, chain distressing, or both, and then add distressed paint finishes to display optional rub-through. Each method produces a different result, such as visible rub-through on corners and raised areas, or random (intentional) dents created by hand-applied chain distressing.

Achieving this aged look in your kitchen takes time and expertise, and we have what you need. Our professionals know how to give your cabinets the perfect distressed look, and will make sure your project is treated accordingly. 

FAQs About Distressed Cabinets

Yes, distressing costs extra.

Yes. At Showplace, we apply distressing by hand to eliminate the “repeating pattern” look that can make distressed cabinets look fake. The variations are natural enough to look lived in, and will blend in when your family adds its own “distressing,” too.

Showplace distressing looks natural, and is often chosen to fit with antique furniture or an older home. Some customers prefer this look for its aged but classy appearance.