Add the impression of natural aging to your cabinetry creation with Showplace glazes—for no additional charge.

This extra step in the finish process applies a pigment which is then hand-wiped partially away. The pigment collects, or “hangs up,” to visually highlight cabinets’ areas of detail while flat surfaces are wiped clean. See examples of the different glaze options below, or download the Showplace guide to glazes.

Should I Glaze My Cabinets?

Handcrafted glazing adds distinction and character to stained or painted cabinetry. And, unlike most brands, Showplace does not charge extra for glazes. Take your pick from six tones of hand-applied glazing on almost any paint or stain, for free.

Glazing is a great way to bring out the detail in intricately carved cabinets, doors, and drawer fronts. Pull your whole look together with glazed accents, molding, or focal points such as wainscoting, kitchen carts, and pantries.

See glaze choices below, available at no extra charge.